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  • 13/03/24

    Advice for parents

    Sleep patterns
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  • 10/03/24

    To be a Saint.

    Some year 4 children attended the Cathedral for a performance of To be a Saint.
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  • 29/02/24

    A GP as a Career

    Becoming a GP is the job for the month of March.
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  • 25/02/24

    Reading For Pleasure

    Please read our latest Reading Newsletter
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  • 07/02/24

    NSPCC Number Day 2024

    On Friday 2nd February, Discovery joined thousands of schools to celebrate NSPCC Number Day 2024
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  • 22/01/24

    Year 3's Trip to Creswell Crags

    On Tuesday 10th January, Year 3 travelled to Creswell Crags in Nottinghamshire to explore the archaeological parks and caves.
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  • 23/11/23

    Crusaders Ukulele Concert

    Find out more about Crusaders Ukulele Concert by clicking on the cross.
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  • 21/11/23

    We have become an SFA Phonics partner school!

    We have received a warm welcome to FFT Success for All Phonics Programme Partnership
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  • 20/03/23

    Tutoring with Lightening as a Catch-up Program

    Discovery Primary Academy Uses Tutoring with Lightening as an Early Literacy Intervention
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  • 18/01/23

    My Family Coach

    How can I help my child?
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  • 23/06/21

    Project to improve literacy pilots in Peterborough schools

    A project to improve literacy is being piloted in schools across Peterborough.
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  • 14/06/21

    Peterborough primary school grateful to charitable trust for donations to outdoor music area

    A Peterborough primary school are grateful to a charitable trust for gifting them a range of items for their outdoor music area.
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