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Celebrating the Success of Former Discovery Primary Academy Students

We are passionate as an academy, to celebrate the success of our former students. It has been amazing to hear of some recent success stories for former students of Discovery Primary Academy.


We received notifications from secondary education settings to inform us that a number of our former students are moving onto university to gain higher qualifications. 


We would like to congratulate these former students on their successes, and we know that they will be working extremely hard towards their new qualifications.  


Discovery Primary Academy would like to wish their former students best wishes for the future, we hope that they gain great success from the knowledge and skill from their studies. 


Former Student A  - moved on to study Economics at University of Leeds 

Former Student B - moved on to study International  Business Management at University of Brighton. 

Former Student C - moved on to study Biology at Northumbria University. 

Former Student D - moved on to study Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering Centre Peterborough. 

Former Student E - moved on to study Early Years at Open University. 

Former Student F - moved on to study English Language at University of Chester.

Former Student G - moved on to study Computer Science at Aston University, Birmingham.

Former Student H - moved on to study Law at Anglia Ruskin University. 

Former Student I - moved on to study Forensic Investigation at University Centre Peterborough.

Former Student J - moved on to study Music Technology with Professional Placement Year at Birmingham City University.  

 Former Students 2022

Student A - moved on to study Music and Sound Production at BIMM Institute.

Student B - moved on to study Nursing at Exeter University.

Student C - moved on to study Contemporary and Popular Music at Newcastle University.

Student D - moved on to study Business and Entrepreneurship at University of Exeter.

Congratulations to all our ex-students. We wish you well in the future.