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Do you understand your child’s cyber culture, that is, the way in which he/she uses the internet and mobile devices such as mobile phones and tablets for homework, to play and socialise? Do you understand how to keep your child safe from on-line predators and cyber bullying? These issues are sometimes complex, both technically and psychologically, and we can often struggle to keep up. To help you combat these issues we have included some important website links that offer good practical advice.

Official Sites

  CEOP’s Think U Know
  Childnet International

The Teaching of E-Safety At Discovery Primary Academy

Discovery Primary Academy is very well equipped with a wide range of technology; from an IT suite for teaching new skills, to class-based iPads to support and enthuse young people in their learning. A key part of the school's ethos involves embracing technology and we believe that a solid and reliable E-Safety training scheme of staff and children is vital. The first unit in every year group's IT learning is centred on E-Safety. Before children can gain access to internet-enabled devices they must demonstrate a clear understanding of the risks associated with such access. Children learn using the SMART philosophy - Safe, Meet, Accepting, Reliable, Tell. (https://www.childnet.com/ufiles/SMART-rules-poster-A3-Free.pdf

Children also take part in termly assemblies which reinforce E-Safety learning in classes.

In addition, Discovery Academy takes a pro-active approach to national and local E-Safety issues. 

Children take an active part in 'Internet Safety day' each year and are reminded of internet-safe usage and approaches when using internet-based resources.

Where a problem has arisen, a whole school approach is implemented to ensure we 'top-up' children's understanding as necessary to ensure their safety at all times. 


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